Living Christmas Baubles

Jewel bugs are fantastically coloured members of the Scutelleridae family, they live around wetlands and are related to stink bugs. This was taken hand-held using my trusty D800 with a Nikon 24-70mm.

Remembering Happy Times

This is why I love photography so much. Capturing happy moments so they can be remembered forever is one of the most important jobs a photographer can do.

Fresh As The Morning Dew

Probably because it is the morning dew :) No matter what level you observe Nature at, it's always interesting!

Vampire Popsicles

Blood samples in a freeze drier. Part of a stock photo shoot for Canterbury Scientific Ltd.

The Land Time Forgot

Just south of Taihape, looking towards Mt Taranaki. The landscape here looks like something from a Jurassic Park movie, you can almost hear the dinosaurs roaring in the distance...

Warming Winter Work

Being up at sunrise and ankle deep in mud is all part of the job. Here a vinyard worker readies the vines for the coming seasons new growth.

Polar Blast

Christchurch is returned, temporarily, to it's pre-earthquake beauty as a vare rare dump of snow makes it all the way to sea level.

Cool Glow

A stray beam of sunlight illuminates the interior of a block of ice.

Getting a bit CSI on it

This is one way to make a reletively mundane looking capping machine look cool. You get all 'CSI' on it!

The Great Outdoors

Looking East towards Lake Grassmere, south of Blenheim. A commercial shot and yet, how could taking photos of this landscape every be thought of as 'work'?

Nor-West Sunset

Mammalian cloud formations over the town of Kurow, New Zealand. Whenever there is a Nor-Wester blowing you can expect amazing sunsets.

Work or Surf?

A particularly balmy summers morning, by 7.30am it was already around 26°C. I headed down to New Brighton beach and found myself surrounded by surfers all making the hard choice - Work or Surf? Guess what was winning?

Coromandel Sunset

After a two day commercial shoot at a farm near Port Jackson I picked a spot and waited for the sunset. At first the clouds threatened to close in and ruin things but then they broke and look what was waiting...

Here Comes The Storm

A sunny day in south Otago suddenly darkens with the arrival of a cold front. Preparation is the keyword on these sorts of shoots, anything can happen.

Beautiful From Above

Shelter belt normally consits of Pinus Radiata planted in strips to give crops or animals shelter from the wind. They are not pretty to look at. View them from helicopter at dawn though and they take on a completely different look.

The Big Wait

After a long day of drafting, sheep wait in their stalls for the sale to begin.

Winter Warmth

A winter clothing shoot for PGG Wrightson. I wanted to aim for something different to the usual, clean, well lit clothing shoot. This grungy, Holgaesque process I created in Lightroom was an instant hit and was used for the front cover of the brochure.

Yin and Yang

A rather different view of an Ellerslie Flower Show exhibit.

Too Steep For Quads

Just south of Taihape the landscape looks like something lost in time. Farmers working here can't use quad bikes to muster sheep, horses are still the preferred mode of transport. And shooting from the back of one is an experience not to be missed!

Fiery Pyrex

How to make a room of conical flasks look cool? Use coloured gels on your stobes to get that CSI look.

Surf and Snow

More from the Big Snows of 2011. A beach side playground takes on a whole new appearance when covered with snow. The muted sound of the waves combined with the lack of people or gulls gave the whole scene an apocalyptic feel.

After The Storm

Snow in Christchurch is rare, most of the time it melts as it lands. Occasionally a light dusting will stick for an hour or two. 2011 saw two polar blasts hit us that dumped about 50cm betweeen them, right down to sea level.

Local Warming

Christchurch sits in a shallow basin, which combined with the right weather conditions can trap fog, smog and other pollutants.

Stylish Science

Processed blood samples await testing. Part of a stock photo shoot for Canterbury Scientific Ltd at the opening of their new laboratory.

The Gleam Machine

An engine to be proud of. No wonder they have it on display. Taken at a Muscle Car meet in Rangiora, New Zealand.

American Gothic

Grungy and corroded, this engine block just screamed out for a black and white photo. Taken at the same Muscle Car meet in Rangiora, it shows that bling and sparkle are not always needed.

Why use dlscape?


It's one thing to know how to take photos, it's another to maximise their potential in post production. Digital photographers need to be expert digital processors too. At dlscape we've been working with digital imaging techniques for the last 20 years, so you can believe us when we say "we know what we're doing".


We pride ourselves in the broad scope of our clients. One day it might be sterile blood samples in a laboratory, the next a sheep muster on horseback, the next a corporate portrait session, then a 360° panorama from an aircraft control tower roof. We love a challenge, variety is not just the spice of life, it keeps us sharp.


Trust is the basis of any relationship. You can trust James Ball at dlscape pro photography to be honest, hardworking, ethical and dependable. It's why everyone from multinational corporations to wedding couples trust us to deliver. You can too.

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